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Tanken v1.1
Just after I bought my first car (a VW Golf I from 1983), I kept track on the fuel consumption of it. At first I registered it on a piece of paper. A few month later (my first car was already smashed by a big Mercedes) I wanted to do some programming in Clipper. These two things came together and I made a program that creates databases to register the fuel consumption of multiple cars and/or motorcycles. The program is written in Clipper v5.2 © . The mouse procedures are written in assembly (Masm v5.10 ©) to speed up the mouse actions. I linked the program with RTlink v3.14B. All source files are edited with the MS-DOS editor (simple but effective). Although it is a DOS program, it has been tested under Windows 3.11, 95/98, XP and Vista (runs perfectly).

Tanken v1.0 screenshot

Here are some features of the program:

  • Easy to use menu structure
  • Simple data input and select windows
  • Allows registering data of multiple cars
  • Fuel consumption calculated in km/L and in L/100km
  • Calculates the total amount of km and the average fuel consumption
  • Creates, opens and saves all database files automatically
  • Overview of all data from a car can be displayed on the screen or be send to a printer
  • Cars are registered on their number plates
  • Additional field for remarks are available

If you fill your fuel tank always to the maximum this program is ready for use.

The first version I called 1.0. But after 5 years the program did not behave very well after the millennium. So I had to adjust a few minor things, this now is called version 1.1. In the future I would like to write a full Windows version with Delphi but I don't know if I have the time for this. The program has Dutch texts and allows only Dutch number plates to be entered (or similar plates), but if there is enough demand I can rewrite it with English texts and no restrictions to the number plate. Just let me know by e-mail and I will see ...

This program is freeware, but if you find it useful and are going to use it please send me an e-mail. I would like to keep track on this program.

In memory of my first car click on the image to download the program (Tanken11.zip, 143kB).

My first car, click here to download the program (Tanken11.zip, 143kB)

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